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This is How Tough Sounds


If you want to know what tough looks like look no further than Canada’s Parapan Am Team. To do their awesome badass-ery justice, we had to bring our A-game when developing the music and sound design for the new PSA promoting the upcoming games in Toronto.

Created by BBDO Toronto for the Canadian Paralympic Committee, and directed by Shelley Lewis, the spot showcases the dedication of Canada’s Parapan Am cyclists. Everyday, despite rain, wind and sometimes cows, these guys are out there, braving the elements, training to be the best at what they do, and they do it without all of their limbs. Like we said, these guys are tough.

RMW Music’s Dustin Anstey directed all aspects of audio production, including music, voice direction and sound design, which was expertly crafted by Kyle Gudmundson.

Kyle’s sound design included detailed ambiances to help each training scene be unique, including crafting specific bicycle and athlete sounds. Sound was also crafted to display our hero’s ability to stay focused regardless of countless distractions.

Throughout the spot, the music, which slowly builds from the start, worked in tandem with the sound design to create and build tension by conveying the intensity of the athletes’ training. The music reaches a crescendo at the end when it’s revealed that the cyclist trained and will ultimately compete at the velodrome without legs. It gave our agency partner goosebumps.
You can see more of RMW Producer/Composer Dustin Anstey’s work here.

RMW Music Credits – Canada’s Parapan Am Games
Producer: Dustin Anstey
Composer: Dustin Anstey
Sound Design: Kyle Gudmundson
Sound Engineer: Kyle Gudmundson
Executive Producer: Jeff Cohen
Associate Producer: Kristina Loschiavo
Media Services: Sebasitian Biega, Chris Masson