CMW Day Two! GoldLink Showcase!


Day two of Canadian Music Week showed exactly why festivals like this are so great! There are two ways to approach the overwhelming amount of music going on in Toronto over these ten days. The first is to do your research, find the bands you really want to see, and make a schedule. The second is to just wing it and walk around the city, sticking your head into venues as you pass them and see what’s going on. Really, like most everything in life, the best way to go about it is a bit of both options.

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So it was that I started my evening off on Queen street at Tattoo for the GoldLink showcase. The 21 year old party rapper from Washington D.C. has been making waves with his unique blend of house and hip hop. So I knew I wanted to check him out, but what made the showcase even more appealing was the fact that he was supported by two up and coming Toronto artists JAHKOY and Clairmont The Second.

I guess if I’m going to be fair I should mention the negative aspects to festivals like CMW as well. With so many artists performing in such quick succession, there isn’t time for proper sound checks. This is by no means purely a CMW thing, but technical difficulties were a theme at Tattoo last night. Especially for  JAHKOY who had to restart his set opener a couple times and cut other songs short due to problems with his backing tracks. But an artist often revels him/herself in the face of adversity and this Toronto singer with a velvet voice handled it like a professional. His slick brand of dance oriented r&b grooves well, getting people to forget the stuttered performance.

Up next was the 17 year old rapper Clairmont The Second. He seemed genuinely happy to be in a club he wouldn’t be allowed in on a regular night, taking advantage of the dance floor during the other performers sets. But he saved his best moves for the stage, bouncing around during his set with the exuberance of an up-and-coming artist fully appreciative of the fact that he’s found his calling. With some serious lyrical ability flowing over his self produced beats, Clairmont had the crowd following his every rhyme.

Finally it was time for the main event. With the venue surprisingly packed for an early show, GoldLink got the crowd moving to his electro infused hip hop. Following Clairmont, he seemed almost like a veteran on the stage at 21. His professional demeanor let you know exactly whose showcase this was. To say that this rapper understands the power of a good hook would be an understatement. Rapping and singing over some seriously infectious beats, even the most puritanical person wouldn’t be able to stop their hips from moving.