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CMW Day Two! Metz!


Day two of Canadian Music Week showed exactly why festivals like this are so great! There are two ways to approach the overwhelming amount of music going on in Toronto over these ten days. The first is to do your research, find the bands you really want to see, and make a schedule. The second is to just wing it and walk around the city, sticking your head into venues as you pass them and see what’s going on. Really, like most everything in life, the best way to go about it is a bit of both options. 

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After having already been through a bit of a workout at the GoldLink showcase getting down to the infectious grooves of JAHKOY, Clairmont The Second, and GoldLink, I knew it was going to be a sweaty night. Why? Because next up was Metz. The three piece Toronto band has been pretty much everywhere lately in the lead up to the release of their second album, appropriately titled Metz II. When I got to Lee’s Palace, Detroit band Protomartyr was already playing. The first thing I noticed was the fact that lead singer Joe Casey had a stool beside him onstage with three beers on it. For the whole band perhaps? Nope! He very efficiently worked his way through all three during his set, often singing with a beer in hand.

I had heard about Protomartyr on one of my favourite music podcasts, NPR‘s All Songs Considered. Along with liking their take on punk music, they described the band as looking like a high school teacher decided to quit his job and form a band with some of his ex-students. Having seen them now, I can say that description is apt. Even down to their sound actually. There is a definite divide between the instruments and the singer. While the band really gave it to their instruments, playing intense, high energy punk tracks, the seemingly older singer, Joe Casey calmly stood front and center in a teacherly tweed suit coat and slacks singing reflectively.

But of course, everyone was there to see the triumphant album release show (round two) of the local rockers known as Metz. Anticipation was sky high with word spreading that their new album Metz II is a must have. Those in attendance were so excited to see these guys rip through their freight-train set that they formed the world’s fastest mosh pit (note: cannot be confirmed). The power these three are able to produce on stage is astounding. A power trio if there ever was one. And it didn’t let up till the last notes were played and everyone was drenched in sweat. How they’re able to keep that going for a whole tour is beyond me, but I guess that’s why they’re blowing up right now. Moshing isn’t usually my thing, but it was that night! And really, looking back it would have been harder to stand there and watch then to jump around.